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Welcome to Innovative Soft, your premier New Zealand-based online destination for cutting-edge Porsche CarPlay and Android Auto solutions. With a proven service history and thousands of satisfied customers around the world, we specialize in providing the latest innovations in vehicle technology, ensuring enhanced performance, safety, and convenience for Porsche owners.

Our exceptional reputation has been built on the back of more than 500 positive reviews from multiple online forums, solidifying our position as the top choice for Porsche entertainment systems. Discover our carefully curated selection of high-quality products at competitive prices, and elevate your driving experience with Innovative Soft, the experts in Porsche CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

Choose Innovative Soft and join our global community of happy Porsche enthusiasts who trust us for their entertainment system needs. Experience the difference that our commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service can make for you. Proudly based in New Zealand, we are dedicated to enhancing the driving experience of Porsche owners worldwide.

Since PCM5 was introduced in year 2019, most of Porsche models start equipping with PCM5 system which upgraded from PCM4 and 10.9" screen became standard on most of models.

However, the factory default resolution for CarPlay in PCM5 is set to 800x600 which is only take 2/3 of the screen. In order to make the content viewable, manufacture has to adjusted the DPI to let the CarPlay to show smaller icon size in that limited resolution. This has defeated the purpose of having 10.9" wide screen. So we start investigating the possibility for screen at least to expend to show more.

After more than 1 year development we have finally got CarPlay screen to extend to use other 1/3 of the screen, and have the resolution set to 1772x650

However, since 2022,  Cayenne, 992, Panamera and Taycan all upgraded to the new system which is called PCM6. Obviously manufacture has realised the limited user experience of CarPlay on PCM5, so the CarPlay has a significant improvement in PCM6. The DPI is set to normal as CarPlay now takes entire screen with proper display ratio, therefore the icon size become to normal CarPlay size as well.

Of course we want to make the CarPlay in PCM5 to looks like the PCM6, as that is the biggest difference between those two system in term of CarPlay UI. Most of car owners who had PCM5 want to have the same look without replacing the car.

So we carried out further development on PCM5 and took another few months until we made the whole screen display for CarPlay on PCM5. This time we have made the CarPlay UI to take entire screen, which is 1920x720 HD resolution. Now the DPI can return back to normal and therefore the icon size become normal CarPlay standard size as well.




With HD resolution and proper display ratio, we can now streaming video contents on it to have ultimate user experience. 











Throughout 2022, Innovative Soft has earned an outstanding reputation among Porsche owners across the globe. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in a 100% satisfaction rate among our clientele. When you choose to purchase from us, you can have complete confidence in the products and services we provide, making Innovative Soft the premier choice for Porsche CarPlay and Android Auto solutions over any other provider. Our professionalism and dedication to excellence set us apart, ensuring an exceptional experience for every customer.

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Full screen CarPlay
Full screen CarPlay
Full screen CarPlay HD
Full screen CarPlay HD
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