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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

What are the payment options?

Strip payment via credit car and other options 

Communication  tools

Please click on the Whatsapp button or telegram button on the top of the page as we need more interactive communication tool for installation process

Would if effect anything else in car original UI?

No, nothing else will be changed, just the resolution will be increased to high resolution

Why should I do this upgrade?

PCM5 comes with 12" wide screen which supports 1920x720 resolution, However, the original Carplay and Android Auto only utilise 800x600 (2/3 of the screen). The upgrade to 1920x720 will fully unitise the screen capability and provide completely difference user experience.

What is the difference between full screen and whole screen product?

Full screen : 1772x650 resolution with smaller CarPlay icon

Whole screen : 1920x720 HD resolution with regular size of CarPlay icon

What is the installation procedure ?

Installation will be provided remotely and only requires very simple equipments such as windows computer and Ethernet adapter and WIFI...etc.  We will provide the instruction after the order is made and also you need to provide the system version number for us to prepare the installation data accordingly

What is your return policy?

Fully refundable if software is uninstalled by us.

Would it effect your warranty of your car?

No, the modification will be purely on application level and will not be visible to any diagnostic tool

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